DV series

Disc harrow for working in vineyards and in open fields

Standard equipment:
- Three point hitch with vertical mechanical lifting
- Extendable frame (either L.H. or R.H. or both)
- Front protections
- Flexible central tine
- "Stone jumper" in the working groups
(mechanical security by means of a double spring
on each group)

On demand:
- Vertical hydraulic lifting
- Fixed roller for DV8F
- Extendable roller complete of arms for DV12-DV16
- Extendable roller complete of arms for DV20
- Mechanical extension of the roller and frame through rods
- Hydraulic extension of the roller
- Hydraulic extension of the frame

Name series(×)(mm)(cm)(cm)(×)(Kg)(Hp)
DV8F8510x6 & 610x6120 (fixed)19451060/75
DV1212510x6 & 610x6220-250 (adj.)19890075/90
DV1616510x6 & 610x6220-250 (adj.)19895075/90
DV2020510x6 & 610x6250-280 (adj.)1910115090/110